Watertown, SD --  For the second time in as many years a street chip seal project in downtown Watertown has failed. It happened last Friday when the contractor proceeded with the chip seal work in downtown Watertown. The work was no sooner finished when heavy rains moved through Watertown dropping nearly three inches of rain. Mayor Sarah Caron says the whole thing turned into a mess as the day progressed and the rains continued to fall. The mayor blamed the contractor for proceeding with the work knowing rain was forecast the night before. The first issue encountered was the black chip seal binder that flowed into the curb lines creating tracking. The second issue resulted from the additional chips that were placed creating a wash board effect on the roadway.  You can see that in the KXLG photos taken next to city hall.

Mayor Caron says the work failed because of heavy rains.

She said any chip seal already spread on the streets cannot be used again.

The area affected by the chip seal failure is Kemp Avenue from Highway 81 to 3rd Street West and Second Street East from First Avenue North to Fourth Avenue South.