Stony Point Second Addition

The Watertown Planning Commission approved a preliminary plan for Stony Point Second Addition Thursday night.  The development, which is being built by Bob Drake has been a contentious one at times. Much of the discussion Thursday night, centered on the placement of the road leading into the development.  Access into the development will be off of Prairie Hills Avenue which is a concern for resident K.C. Deboer. Deboer spoke to the commission about his concerns…..

DeBoer said that the impact on his property, and others could be minimized by placing a berm, screening or foliage of some type along the roadway to preserve the feel of the neighborhood. Conda Williams, who owns Stony Point, the property adjacent to the development, addressed the commission with some of her concerns as well...….

Mike Lawrence, who is working on the development of the property with Bob Drake, addressed Williams concerns saying that the road leading into the development had to be used because of the two inches of rain that Watertown received the night before. He said the contractors have been told not to use the road. He then addressed Deboer’s concerns……

Eric Skott of Crestone Builders spoke in favor of the development saying economically the project is a good one for Lake Kampeska and the City….

After some discussion concerning the layout of the road,  a motion was made by Commissioner Todd Kays to move forward with the project.

The motion passed the planning commission on a vote of 6-1.