Watertown Police Department

The Watertown Police Department is warning residents of a extortion scam that resulted in two residents losing money over the past weekend. 

In both instances, police say the victims received a telephone call. The number displayed on caller ID in both occurrences was 528-261-590934. Police say the number displayed on the caller ID's had too many digits. 

When the victim answered the telephone, a male individual with a Spanish accent said that he was part of a drug cartel and they had the victim’s daughter. The caller said the daughter had seen too much and they were going to kill her if the victim did not wire money to have her released. Police say that the suspect would keep the victim on the telephone and demand the victim go to different locations and wire money to them.

When the victim would question the caller and request details about their daughter, the suspect would become angry. It was also reported that the victim could hear a female crying in the background.

The Watertown Police Department is encouraging the public to screen calls from telephone numbers they do not recognize and allow them to go to voicemail. If you do happen to answer a call and speak with a person trying to get you to wire money, gift card numbers, or any other form of currency, hang up immediately, block the number and report the activity to local law enforcement.