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Last Thursday, the Watertown School District sent out a proposed schedule for parents and staff to give feedback for consideration. That schedule was approved at tonight’s School Board meeting, but not without some opposition from two Senior students and discussion from the School Board.

Right now, the school has 7.5 school days to make up. A portion of the proposed schedule added 30 minutes to each day from March 20 – May 26 and, therefore, would not add them to the end of the school year.

Shay and Paris stepped up in front of the School Board to share their thoughts during the public input section of the meeting….

Some statistics were shared from the CDC in regards to the students…

The students were commended for coming forward and expressing their input.

Superintendent Dr. Jeff Danielsen goes through the proposed plan with the School Board and discusses some inquiries he received, for example, e-learning…

Dr. Danielsen says smaller schools are better able to handle e-learning. A survey was conducted with the staff, not in favor of using approved holidays as make-up days.

Board Member Stuart Stein inquired if, as a School Board, they have the right to “cancel those five days….”

Board Member Jean Moulton breaks down some of the SD codified law….

Board Member Kari Lohr agreed she would like to know the current hours. She also stated that, in her opinion, she does not want her kids to be in school past Memorial Day if it can be avoided. She also confirmed that the kids who graduated would not have to be in school anyway.

School Board Madam President Tammy Rieber wants kids in school…

It was confirmed that on a curriculum conference call, no other larger schools were mentioned using e-learning. Also, the governor could step in, but Dr. Danielsen says that usually only happens when you hit the ten snow days mark. Adding all the days to the end of the year was not well received either.

The Board decided to accept the proposed schedule unanimously.

Stein also reminded everyone that even with this approval, a new plan must be presented if more snow days are accrued.

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