School Lunches

Another subject of discussion during our From the Halls of the City Hall program. KXLG addressed the potential Watertown School District lunch program concerns. 

KXLG has received from multiple sources concerned opinions on the lunch program, possible photos of moldy fruit being served, what could be considered unappealing food, or perhaps even uncooked. 

There are photos out on social media, but without confirmation where they actually originated, KXLG has not shared them. We have reached out to the Superintendent Jeff Danielson with lunch program concerns in the past on 10/20/21, when they served Godfather's Pizza one day. 

Here is a link to that original story for reference: 

The Mayor has heard complaints and has spoken with Superintendent Danielson. You will also hear some advisement on how to approach a council meeting, at least from the cities perspective. Any concerns would have to be brought to the School Board as the City Council does not have any governing power over the School Board.

KXLG has been made aware there is currently a Facebook group gathering steam called "Storm the Board." One Nutritional food service employee of 30 plus years has resigned, as well as 3 other lunch room employees. We have reached out to see if any of them were willing to make a statement. We have not heard back from all at this time, but will update the story if we receive a statement. 

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Amanda Mack
Ried Holien

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