Have you heard or uttered the phrase, “There is nothing to do in Watertown?” Depending on your interests, there are many activities to choose from. Many even include charities and fundraising efforts—for instance, the Lions Club of Watertown. How about taking home $2,000?

Lions Club of Watertown puts on bingo for local citizens to play, and this, at times, intense and fun game is played eight times a night. Typically they play from September – May. They have already had one $2,000 winner out of only nine nights, and the pot is back up to $2,000.

Jamie Mack with Lions Club says,

“Each night of bingo, on average, they have six pots, around $80-$120 each, depending on crowds, and have a $200 “L” game-winner each night as well! We’ve raised thousands of dollars through our Bingo fundraiser. All of the money goes back into the community, with half winnings at bingo night and the other half going into all of the programs we support, including the PACH program, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, scholarships, hearing and hearing and vision assistance, and much more!” 

More information is available on their Facebook page.