Dunn Second Addition

The Watertown Planning Commission met last night and one of the items on the agenda included the Consideration to initiate annexation a section of land located northwest of Lake Kampeska between Highway 20 and North Lake Drive, just north of Kampeska Lodge to C-3, Highway Commercial District. 

The petitioners, Bob and Pam Drake and Mike Lawrence had hoped to develop a campground at that location. During the Public Hearing the plan met with opposition from several home owners in the area.  Several of the homeowners in the area expressed a concern that ranged from increased traffic to the area to trespassers crossing their property from the campground to get to the lake. 

Maylou Austin expressed her concern....

Mike Lawrence responded to some of the concerns.....

Another resident who had concerns was Austin Schultz. Todd Kays a member of the Watertown Planning Commission asked Schultz, who lives in the 300 block of North Lake Drive, if there were things that could be done to help with his concerns.

After hearing from several residents, both for and against the rezoning. Mike Lawrence stood and addressed the commission….

The request was tabled at the request of Lawrence.