Pride Survey Released

Kelli Rumpza, who is a Prevention Specialist with the Watertown Healthy Youth Initiative, presented the detailed PRIDE report Monday evening to the Watertown School Board.  The survey is taken by Watertown students and focuses on numerous risk areas for young people.  Some of the survey focused on student health and safety: 

She said the Watertown School District and Watertown Healthy Youth Initiative has been working on a special initiative for more than ten years:

She said the survey shows that parental intervention is key to drug deterrence and that parents and peers play a major role: 

They have been watching what is a gradual increase in substance abuse with students as they move up hrough the grades: 

The district has also been focusing on student mental health, hurtful and threatening behaviors, and school safety. She closed her presentation with the survey summary findings: 

Pride is a national survey. It has a lie detection system built into the system to ensure accuracy.  The survey has been taken since 1996.  The Watertown students were surveyed October 9th  of last year.