"Rising Damp"

The phenomena pf "Rising Damp" is taking a toll in the basement of the Codington County Courthouse.  Options are being explored on how to handle the problem. 

The Codington County Commissioners heard a presentation yesterday morning from representatives of Renodry of Minnetonka, Minnesota.  The county is looking for a way to dry up excess moisture in the basement of the Codington County Courthouse.  The phenomenon is called “rising damp”.   Michael Clancy of the company explains what that is…… 

Over the last several years some of the brick in the courthouse basement has began to crumble due to moisture in the brick.  The machines that are being considered will be placed in five locations throughout the basement to dry it out which Clancy says will take some time depending on the thickness of the walls.  

The cost is estimated to be around $14,600 for the machines.   

The commissioners were shown the moisture level in the brick, using a device that measures moisture when it touches the surface of the wall.  

Normal levels are anything lower than 70.  The levels in select areas of the courthouse were around 130, showing exceedingly high levels of moisture.   

The commission took the information and will be discussing it in further during upcoming sessions.