Sioux Falls Metro Communications

KXLG News spoke to Scott McMahon who is the Director of Sioux Falls Metro Communications which serves the City of Sioux Falls and Minnehaha County and he says that the dispatch center is back to normal operations following the tornados on Tuesday night.  McMahon says that Sioux Falls Metro Communications had a busy night once the alerts started coming in from the national weather service.

McMahon says that in cases such as the events on Tuesday night with the tornados, their call volume will increase immensely.   Additional staff is notified at that time to return back to work.

 McMahon said that the storm was a bad one however he stated that they are fortunate that there were no severe injuries or fatalities from the tornado

McMahon said that although it was a chaotic night Tuesday night, his staff did a great job and had nothing but praise for those that worked the event.