South Dakota Chamber of Commerce

Dave Owen, the President of the State Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was in Watertown Monday Afternoon giving the Pre-Legislative Overview in preparation of the 95th Legislative session, which will convene on January 14th, 2020.

Owen says there could be a lot of attention on industrial hemp and marijuana in South Dakota next year.

Legislators in a summer study are working on another industrial hemp bill, while two petition drives have been turned in that would legalize some uses of marijuana.

Owen says Governor Kristi Noems' opposition to industrial hemp would be undercut by a vote to legalize marijuana….

Owen says it appears support for industrial hemp has grown in the legislature…

Owen says that legalizing marijuana could be possible even in a conservative state like South Dakota....

Over Eighty-Thousand signatures were collected between the two marijuana issues. The Secretary of State’s Office is still validating those signatures. 

Jerry Oster- WNAX Contributed to this story