Denny T Sanford

Denny T Sanford

Search warrants have been unsealed in the investigation into South Dakota billionaire T. Denny Sanford. The search warrants show investigators looked into his email account in 2019. Law enforcement also sought search warrants on his cellular and internet service providers.

The investigation into Sanford was reported last year by ProPublica and the Sioux Falls Argus Leader. Both news outlets went to court for access to the search warrants. The state Supreme Court ruled last month that the warrants should be unsealed. The unsealing of the legal documents was the first time investigative documents have been released that name Sanford.

The search warrants involve the investigation of possession and distribution of child pornography in Minnehaha County.

Sanford, 85, has not been charged in the investigation.

Starting in 2019, investigators searched Sanford’s phone records and online accounts. They asked to review incoming and outgoing emails, deleted emails, draft messages, saved emails and anything in folders. They wanted to search all photos and videos connected to his accounts.

The accounts include his AOL email account. Search warrants were also issued to Midcontinent Communications and Verizon.

“The ultimate fact remains that the investigating authorities have not found information to support criminal charges,” Sanford's lawyer Marty Jackley said in a statement to KELO on Wednesday.