Eric Meyer

A well known Watertown businessman is back home and at work after a 9 month recovery period following a serious accident that happened last February on Interstate 29.  Eric Meyer with Meyer Insurance Company was returning home in a pickup from a business trip along with another employee Aaron Hansen when they were rear ended by a semi. The accident happened as they tried to avoid a herd of deer crossing over the interstate.  The impact was so severe that the seats broke loose from their mounts throwing Meyer into the rear of the vehicle.  Both Meyer and Hansen were transferred to the hospital.  Aaron was released soon after, however Meyer sustained serious spinal injuries.  He was transferred to a Fargo Hospital where he began a 9 month recovery effort.  Today Meyer is back home and back at work following months of therapy at a Denver rehab center.  He sat down with KXLG in an interview that can be heard in its entirety next Monday Morning December 16th at just after 9 a.m. Here is some of what he shared: 

 Eric talked more in detail about the extent of his injuries: 

He also sustained a traumatic brain injury in the accident saying that he was literally, “out of it” for about 8 of the next ten weeks in Fargo.  Pain management and lung issues were also a daily problem along with speech difficulty.  Eric says the recovery is a slow process.  He says that he’s not there yet, but making progress every day: 

Once again, you can hear the entire interview with Eric here on KXLG next Monday morning December 16th at just after 9 a.m.