Road are closing across Eastern South Dakota due to flooding

With the large amount of rain we have received the last few days many counties across eastern South Dakota are advising no-travel due to large amounts of water covering the roadways.  Mitchell appears to have received the brunt of the rain last night recording 7 inches of rain and making the roads there impassable.  Minnehaha County Sheriff says that some homes in Colton have been evacuated and homes have also been evacuated in Madison. 

Locally, the Codington County Sheriff’s Office is checking county roads to make sure there are no problems. Brent Solum is a deputy with the Codington County Sheriff’s Office and he says that the office doesn’t have any reports of additional roads in the county that need to be closed but they are checking….

Solum says that the spillways are full and they are paying close attention to them.

If you come across a roadway that is under water Solum asks you to contact the sheriff’s office so they can flag it.

The Sheriff’s office can be contacted at 882-6280.