MAyor Sarah Caron

The Watertown City Council will be approving the $52 million city budget for 2020 during the city council meeting on Monday night.  On KXLG’s “From the Desk of the Mayor” program yesterday morning , Mayor Sarah Caron said that this year the city department heads were asked to tighten their budgets but it was the general fund that really had be tightened. 

 Mayor Caron says that as the city grows so does the need for additional tax dollars.  The general fund is made up of dollars that are generated from sales tax revenue. She says tax revenue is down and its important for people to shop local.

Back in August , Caron requested a transfer from the Watertown Municipal Utility reserves in the amount of approximately $764,000 to supplement the city’s general  fund.

Once again, the council is set to approve the 2020 budget on Monday night at the regularly scheduled city council meeting.