Bramble Park Zoo

The Watertown Park and Rec Board met Tuesday night and one of the items that generated discussion included City Park.  Terry Kelly, Interim Director with Park and Rec said that City Park will need a significant amount of work before the north loop will be able to open again to camping.  He says the damage that the park sustained this year goes beyond flooding.....

Kelly said with Camping season now over, the actual loss of campground revenue is able to be calculated. 

Another item of discussion at last night's meeting centered around the animal quarantine building that must be built, according to the AZA, in order for the zoo to keep their accreditation. 

At the meeting, Zoo Director Dan Miller provided a diagram that showed a conceptual floor plan of a building. Some further discussion was held among the board members about what was actually required by the AZA to be included in the building and how the decision was made on the amount of space actually needed.

Miller said that in order to have adequate room to treat the animals housed in the zoo, such as the large cats and bears, they would need the space that is shown on the diagram. That space included a quarantine area, a separate vet area where animals could be treated and a kitchen used to prepare special diets for the animals. Terry Kelly says that a lot of work has been done on figuring out exactly what is needed and now that information is ready to be presented to the city's finance committee...

The next Finance Committee meeting is scheduled for December 2nd. 4pm at Watertown City Hall.