Glacial Lakes Humane Society Donation List

Meet Dracula (black) and Mr Beans (Orange)! These two big boys would like to be adopted together. They are affectionate and friendly. Dracula is 4 years old and Mr Beans is 5. They have been neutered. If you would like to learn more about these cats or any other animal check out the Glacial Lake Humane Society and Shelter!

Donations Needed:

  • Dry Dog or Cat food, (any kind) Open bags welcome
  • Canned Dog or Cat food, (any kind)
    • Cat food is at an all time low!
    • Liquid Laundry Detergent (any kind)
    • Dishwashing Liquid (any kind)
    • Bleach
    • Any Cleaning Supplies (used or new)
    • Paper Towels or Toilet Paper
    • Old Towels 
    • Disposable gloves for cleaning
    • 45 gallon heavy duty garbage bags 

Glacial Lakes Humane Society and Shelter

P.O. Box 1701

1305 6th Ave. NW

Watertown, SD 57201

Phone: (605) 882-2247

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