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Contact KXLG:

KXLG Radio

835 Jenson Avenue

PO Box 850

Watertown, South Dakota 57201


Office: 605.753.9910

Fax: 605.753.9914

On Air: 605.753.5954 (KXLG)

Website: www.MyKXLG.com


Bob Faehn


Ext: 207

Cell: 605.868.1480

Email: Bob.Faehn@kxlgradio.com


Susie Faehn


Ext: 215

Email: Susie.Faehn@kxlgradio.com


Jim Aesoph


Cell: 605.880-9129

Email: Jim.Aesoph@kxlgradio.com


Jan Robson

Production Manager/Announcer

Email: Jan.Robson@kxlgradio.com


Troy VanDusen

KXLG News Director

Email: Troy.VanDusen@kxlgradio.com


David J. Law

Assistant News Director/Announcer

Ext: 211

Email: David.Law@kxglradio.com


Katie Hansen


Ext: 214

Email: Katie.Hansen@kxlgradio.com


Robbyn Givens

Part Time Announcer

Email: Robbyn.Givens@kxlgradio.com


Tim Williams

Part Time Announcer

Email: Tim.Williams@kxlgradio.com


Melissa Herrboldt

General Sales Manager/Promotions Manager

Ext: 204

Cell: 605.881.2837

Email: Melissa.Herrboldt@kxlgradio.com


Carol Zillgitt

Sales Associate

Ext: 206

Cell: 605.880.1433

Email: Carol.Zillgitt@kxglradio.com


Dean Johnson

Sales Associate

Ext: 203

Cell: 605.520.8444

Email: Dean.Johnson@kxlgradio.com


Mary Neuroth

Sales Associate

Ext: 205

Email: Mary.Neuroth@kxlgradio.com


Steve Jurrens

Sales Associate

Ext: 202

Cell: 605.880.9181

Email: Steve.Jurrens@kxlgradio.com


Lori Koehn

Administrative Assistant

Ext: 201

Email: Lori.Koehn@kxlgradio.com


Ann Parker Weckwerth

Sales Associate

Cell:  605.359.4548

Email:  Ann.Parker@kxlgradio.com 


Terry Thue

Sales Associate

Cell:  605.520.3051

Email:  Terry.Thue@kxlgradio.com  


Come Visit:

In the Spring of 2014, KXLG moved from the historic SD Post Office building now known as Old Post Office Square, to a new building located at 835 Jenson Avenue. The location offers a very friendly and inviting atmosphere to all KXLG guests and also provides room for growth for the KXLG team. If you haven’t seen it yet, come on down, we’d love to show you around.